Behind the Boots

- About the design -

Although the traditional cowboy is often associated most commonly with the American South, the Pacific Northwest has held its place as the "final frontier" for American settlers that were drawn to the untamed wilderness of the west coast.

It was only 200 years ago, that the territory now known as the PNW, was marked "unknown territory" in big bold letters across every map made by explorers from around the globe.

The rugged mountainous terrain made the far reaches of the west seem nearly impassible fore settlers seeking a better life.Yet the idea of freedom proved there was a way.

"Parts as yet unknown"

Here depicts "A new map of North America" by explorer Edward, Wells. Although this was drawn in 1700 A.D., the NW corner remained "unknown" among every other map for another 100 years.

In 1813 someone discovered a wagon safe path across the continental divide started a movement of hopefuls heading westward, which became referred to as the Oregon Trail.

Over the next several decades the last blank space of the world map became filled in - the "Final Frontier" became home to those that dared travel where other didn't.

designed to stand out

a twist on a classic

fear no path

The designs at JK Western are naturally inspired from the bold spirit that brought the original ranchers and cow-herders to this region - the intrinsic desire to ride fast and live free, and to thrive against all odds. The image of strength, resilience, and wisdom that only comes from facing your own limits.

Here at JK, we provide the type of quality that can endure tough work, long years, and represent the spirit of the unrelenting survivor. So we designed boots that can handle the unpolished frontier and get polished up for a day on the town.

signiture diamond "toe bug"

The Ace is a true work of art that represents the beauty of the Final Frontier.

Its timeless design features a classic soft pointed toe, hand-cording, and a sleek narrow heel.

But perhaps the most distinctive detail is the forward facing "diamond" toe-bug, pointing and pressing ahead into the unknown. This bold geometric pattern dares to break away from the age-old ringlet that marks the face of all other cowboy boots.

When you look down at your boots, you'll be reminded with each step, to go where no one else has gone before.