Legacy Spurs a new frontier

heading westward

Many years ago, John Khadzhi, like so many before him, headed west to the land of opportunity with his wife and children.

Fleeing the former soviet union and his homeland in Ukraine, by the grace of God, John found his way to Spokane, WA. He proudly made his home in the Pacific Northwest where through various storms and challenges, he founded and built what is now a strong, blessed, and powerful brand, JK Boots.

But our story, like many of yours, started with a dream to find something better, something big that would end up testing us at every turn. 

Our small family had next to nothing to our names but the knowledge of shoemaking, joy to work, and a big dream to one day start a business to run together. All led by our father John Khadzhi, a cobbler by trade, his trek across the globe brought him to a land that smelled richly of pine and opportunity. The northwest corner of the great USA.  

Like the wagon pioneers, he knew little of what awaited him. He put his unique skills to work just one week after landing on fresh soil and began to build a name for himself in the Bootmaking world.

pressing forward

And that is where we find ourselves today: a father and his sons innovating together to bring a timeless craft into a world of cheap convenience. And that is what we do everyday, dedicated to keep the heritage of quality footwear alive so you can experience confidence and comfort with every step. Together, John and his sons built what is know today as, JK Boots.

What is JK Western & why are we doing this?

"We heard the call for Western products from our customers and knew we had to answer."

The venture into "JK Western" began with you, our customer.

While giving our primary attention to our customer base and keeping our ears to the ground to what you all have to say, we kept hearing the ask for Western: boots, hats, gear, belts, merchandise and apparel - it kept coming up again and again. So we decided it was time.

We want to give our customers what they want, and this is what they asked for.

"JK Western" is a brand born from the renowned legacy craftsmanship of "JK Boots". It is a brand that will produce the worlds finest Western and Cowboy Boots. Our products are meticulously designed by the original founding family, John, Will and Tim, in such a way as to ensure that each pair continues to carry the hallmark of their heritage. The JK Family, rooted in the tradition of quality Bootmaking, infuses every "JK Western" design with their deep understanding of durability, quality, style, and comfort. 

Designed to represent the spirit of the true west, we set out to create this brand and its products to embody everything that we love about our home, the Pacific Northwest and combine that with True Western craftsmanship and style.

After months of rigorous planning, designing, sourcing, prototyping, and trial testing, John Khadzhi, the founder of "JK Boots", with his family founded "JK Western" in November, 2023.

The same family, team, DNA and heartbeat that brought the world "JK Boots" has once again given birth to something that we are so proud of and honored to stand behind.

We have not changed hands, vision, determination or grind. This is a venture into new territory, and just like our ventures before, we're here to conquer.

Where Are they Made?

The creation of JK Western Boots begins in our Spokane, WA headquarters, where they are designed and developed, followed by the skilled craftsmanship of our Leon, Mexico team, where they are built.

JK Western will continue to add more products to its offerings including “Made in USA” products, beginning in 2024. JK Western and its products are a marriage of top notch workmanship and a deep commitment to quality. This is a legacy that was born and nurtured by "JK Boots." A blend of global skill and heritage, it is not just about where the boots are made, but how they're made – with precision and care, while using the best materials possible.

forever quality

JK Western boots are made by hand from start to finish. These boots are true specimens of artisanal purity.

How Are they made?

The leather of the uppers is of the highest quality Steer leather, tanned to a low temper for a soft, buttery feel that requires no break-in period. Our boots are fully lined with tender calfskin to enhance the already exceptional comfort.

Showcasing attention to detail, our boots are hand-corded between the upper and the lining, followed by custom-designed, unique embroidered stitching. 

JK Western boots are made from sustainable materials. The vamp's leather, lined with an environmentally friendly rice husk toe box nestled between a calf skin liner, is expertly stretched to form over the last.

The heel counter, made from full veg tan leather coated in rice husk, also echoes our commitment to sustainability. Our boots are constructed with a channeled "Veg-tan" leather insole and on a Goodyear welt, a departure from the commonly used synthetic ribbing with cork fillers. This reason alone allows our boots the distinct ability to be resoled, greatly extending their lifetime. The outsole, whether rubber or leather, is stitched through and hand-bottomed using lemonwood pegs. Finally, our boots come with a full leather heel stack with a TPU rubber cap.