Introducing the Ace: The Boot That Starts Journeys

Welcome to the launch of JK Western's original foray into the legacy of the West – the Ace Boot. 

This isn't just a step into the world of cowboy boots; it's a stride into the essence of the frontier itself, crafted for those with a pioneering spirit and an eye for enduring style.

Designed in Spokane and handcrafted in the capital of western-bootmaking: Leon, Mexico, our boots are a celebration of the values that make up the old west. 

The Ace: A Nod to the Classics

Imagine the resilience of the ancient Redwoods or the profound depth of a starry Western night – these are the inspirations behind the Ace's two signature colors. 

Whether you choose the earthy Redwood tone or the bold, timeless Black, each color is designed to complement the natural elements of the West that inspire so much of what we do at JK Western.

Crafted for the Modern Pioneer

The Ace doesn't just look the part; it's built to perform. Fitting true to size, the boot is a promise of comfort for your daily ventures. 

The Goodyear welt construction is our seal of quality, offering durability that's as renowned in shoemaking as the wild yonder is to the adventurous soul. The use of lemonwood pegs in construction is a tribute to traditional craftsmanship, offering that authentic cowboy boot resilience.

With a full stacked leather heel and natural, undyed edges, the Ace showcases its high-quality materials without pretense. The bovine leather is combination tanned for suppleness and endurance, ensuring each step carries the legacy of the western spirit. 

And with a channeled outsole, this boot is ready for greater durability, whether you're walking city streets or country trails.

Designed with Heart, Built for the Journey

With a 1.5" heel, the Ace elevates your stance just enough to stand out, without standing apart from the classic cowboy silhouette. 

The heart of JK Western's design philosophy is to celebrate the time-honored style while making sure it fits seamlessly into the wardrobe of the modern adventurer.

As you slip into your pair of Ace boots, know that you're not just wearing a boot – you're carrying a story. One of sunbaked trails, windswept plains, and the echo of hooves against the backdrop of endless skies. 

You're ready to make your mark, to chart new paths, and to live the legend that starts with a single step.

Embrace the Journey with the Ace

We invite you to saddle up and start your journey with the Ace. Choose your color and step into a world where every path is open, every horizon is reachable, and every step is the beginning of something great. 

The Ace is not just a boot; it's your companion for every adventure that lies ahead.

Welcome to JK Western, where we outfit you not just with boots, but with a spirit of exploration. 

Welcome to the start of your greatest journey yet.